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Humongous Wooden Block Installation at Stackt Market a Site to Behold

This year GRIPMetal is honored to be part of the Design Collection @ stackt, the annual art and design festival that brings together thousands of Torontonians – it’s one of over 100 exhibitions and events forming Toronto’s design week, January 22–31, 2021.

Located at Toronto’s innovative stackt market container mall, the GRIPBlock @ stackt Exhibition embodies the spirit of its hosts location, employing resulable and modular bricks to form functional structures that can be repurposed as needed and as creativity demands. Assembled in less than a day from over 2,600 “GRIPBlocks”, the wall is the latest structure – erected by Toronto’s own GRIPMetal Inc. – that are beginning to dot Toronto’s landscape.

The wooden blocks, first employed to create walls and infrastructure for social distancing, are finding their way into downtown restaurants such as Locals Only, and the fantastic curved GRIPBlock walls at Oretta –  both on King St. W. – a mere ten minute walk from the stackt market. The blocks now even surround the company’s head office in Scarborough.

While creating art from building blocks isn’t necessarily new, the stackt market installation is built for both form and function. Part installation, part performance – stackt visitors can watch as this new COVID-safe installation is erected in a matter of hours, and then enjoy the warm, wind-free enclosure while viewing works from some of Toronto’s latest up and coming designers.

The blocks themselves will also serve as a backdrop to original design. While the concepts haven’t been finalized, GRIPMetal hopes the installation can be a fixture at the market through the spring, keeping visitors warm, welcomed and engaged in the best design Toronto has to offer.

About GRIPBlock

GRIPBlock is a revolutionary new mechanically attached CLT block construction technology created by Canadian manufacturing innovator GRIPMetal Inc.  GRIPBlock is used to quickly and easily assemble structures to create new spaces without the use of tools or building expertise.

About GRIPMetal Inc.

GRIPMetal is a Canadian innovation firm whose patented metal attachment technologies have been used worldwide for over twenty year in industries ranging from automotive to construction. GRIPMetal is a part of the NUCAP family which also includes NRS Brakes and SpiderTech For further information on GRIPMetal, visit

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GRIPMetal Helps Keep Canada’s Bars and Restaurants Open With Walls Made From Wooden Bricks

Toronto-based GRIPMetal is helping save Toronto bars and restaurants by creating social distancing walls using a 100% Canadian-made CLT they call GRIPBlock.

Bar and restaurant venues that survived the initial lockdown have been fortunate to enjoy an unusually rain-free summer and the ability to expand onto streets, sidewalks and adjoining properties to seat patrons while maintaining social distancing.  But just as the economy is returning to normal Toronto has been slammed by a second wave of Covid-19 cases and a fast-approaching winter season.  For businesses to stay open they’ll have to continue relying on outdoor spaces to seat enough people.

Enter GRIPBlock. These innovative wooden bricks are light and durable, meaning they can be delivered and assembled quickly and at low cost. Unlike most temporary structures, walls made with GRIPBlock block the wind and retain warmth, helping bars and restaurants stay open – and in business – longer, and well into the winter season. And while the walls are structurally sound, with shear strength that makes them impossible to knock over, at the end of the season they’ll be easy to disassemble and take down.

At the heart of the GRIPBlock is a mechanical attachment technology called GRIPMetal, hundreds of harder steel teeth that allow the blocks to be stacked and connected, forming an extremely rigid and strong structure. GRIPMetal has been used for over twenty years in the automotive industry to enhance the strength and bonding of automotive parts, and more recently the blocks have been employed by Toronto schools to build classrooms in gyms and cafeterias, providing desperately needed space just in time for the return of the school year.

Now, working with restaurant chains such as Gabby’s, GRIPMetal is hoping their blocks are just what the doctor ordered for an ailing hospitality industry.

If you’d like to see the new blocks in action, visit the Gabby’s at Parkway Mall in Scarborough this Friday where GRIPMetal will be building their social distancing walls on the Gabby’s patio.

For more information on GRIPBlock and the GRIPMetal line of products contact Mark Lavelle, Global Sales Director (416) 627-4632

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NUCAP Industries Inc. and Rotho Blaas Srl Announce Commercial Agreement for Supply of GripMetal™ Technology to Timber Construction Industry

NUCAP Industries from Toronto, Ontario, Canada sign with Rotho Blaas SRLCORTACCIA, BOLZANO, ITALY (CNW Group/NUCAP)

NUCAP Industries Inc. and Rotho Blaas SRL are proud to announce that they have today signed a commercial agreement for the supply of GripMetal™ technology and products to the timber construction industry

TORONTO, June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – GripMetal™ is a disruptive surface modification technology that improves the performance of metals in a variety of applications and in industries as diverse as Construction, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, and Heat Transfer.  The first successful application for GripMetal™ technology was in automotive brake pads.  Sold under the NRS brand, GripMetal™ technology increases the bond strength of the friction to the steel backing plate and eliminates the need for traditional adhesives, resulting in improved safety and double the product life.  Continuous testing and validation by top global automotive brands has resulted in over a billion brake pads utilizing NRS technology over the past 20 years. 

Rotho Blaas is a global leader in products related to Timber Construction.  After a year of development, Rotho Blaas has just launched several products that incorporate GripMetal™ technology.  These products will be marketed by Rotho Blaas on a global basis under their SHARP METAL™ brand for the Timber Construction Industry. The companies are confident that these products are just a start for a full product range that will encompass GripMetal™ technology.  SHARP METAL™ Products are designed to improve the stiffness of timber structures and the strength of connections.  The result will be taller, more efficient, and more creative timber structures. Rotho Blaas is pursuing code approval (ETA & ICC) with the University of Innsbruck to make the product widely accessible.

We look forward to a long and successful relationship between our two companies as we together bring added value to the Timber Construction Industry.

For more information visit: and