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The Best Way To Keep Your Restaurant Awesome this Summer: GripBlock

The melting of the snow signals the arrival of summer and with it, a busy season for many businesses in Toronto. Restaurants in particular, need to prepare for the influx of customers. 

Summer is a time when people are more likely to go out to eat and spend money on food and drinks. Here are five things you can do to ensure your establishment is summer-ready:

Have Plenty of Seating Options

One of the most important aspects of a restaurant’s design is seating. There should be enough seating for all customers. Some restaurants have tables with seats and others have chairs where customers can sit on their own. Regardless, there should be enough seats for everyone. 

It is also important that all chairs and tables are in good condition. This includes proper cushioning for seats as well as no broken or missing pieces on any of the furniture. If a customer sits down and feels uncomfortable, they will not be able to enjoy their time at your establishment.

Prepare some Summer Touches

Summer is a time for fun, sun, and delicious food. It’s also the perfect time to mix things up in your restaurant by adding seasonal specials to your menu. This will keep things interesting for your customers and help you attract new ones.

One way to come up with summer-inspired dishes is to think about what ingredients are in season. For example, you could feature dishes with fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon, strawberries, and corn. You could also go for lighter fare like grilled chicken or fish.

In terms of décor, you can add bright colors and summer-themed decorations to your restaurant. You can also use beach-themed decor to give your customers a sense of the season.

Get Your Staff Ready

In some cases, a seasonal rush may mean hiring new employees. In the restaurant industry, this could mean hiring an entirely new staff for areas that are popular tourist destinations. However, it’s important to start your recruitment process early so that you’re prepared ahead of time. (Remember, the early job seekers may be the best employees.) But don’t forget, if you have new hires, they need to be adequately trained as well.

Seasonal workers are a great way to help fill in gaps, and it’s possible that you’ll find long-term employees among them. Seasonal employees can be a good way to expand your workforce without having to take on permanent employees.

Get the Word Out

As the summer season draws near, restaurateurs would do well to keep in mind the importance of social media in marketing their businesses. Social media is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to market a restaurant. Platforms such as Instagram offer restaurateurs a unique opportunity to reach potential customers directly and build awareness early on. 

Restaurateurs should begin by creating a cohesive brand identity and visually representing their menu on Instagram. They should then post photos and videos of their food and drinks, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of their kitchen and dining room. 

In order to engage with their audience, restaurants should ask questions and respond to comments. By creating an effective marketing strategy now, restaurants can ensure a successful summer season.

Move Outdoors

When the weather is nice, having an outdoor patio can be a great way to increase business for a restaurant. Many people prefer to eat outside when the weather is nice, and it can also be a great place for people to gather and socialize. There are a few things to keep in mind when making an outdoor patio for a restaurant.

GripBlock is made of high-quality materials that will last for years. It is easy to install, and you can have it up and running in no time. 250+ restaurants in Toronto have already installed GRIPBlock patios, you can create the perfect patio for your restaurant. For more information, visit us at

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5 Forts Have Been Built at Celebration Square Mississauga

Celebration Square is located in downtown Mississauga. An outdoor space where five impressive forts where visitors can relax and enjoy have been erected for a limited time..

While at Celebration Square, visitors can grab snacks, read books, access free Wi-Fi, learn how to skate, rest in the Jubilee Garden or have fun with the Fountain.

The Celebration square hosts multiple complementary events including festivals, concerts, fitness sessions, and more. There’s everything for visitors who want to experience something new. Most importantly, Celebration Square is perfect for connecting various individuals with the community.

A bit more about Celebration Square Mississauga and the 5 forts built by Canadian based GRIPBlock that you can visit today:

1. Legends Row

As you enter the Jubilee Garden, you’ll notice this permanent walk of fame at the entrance. This legendary location recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of outstanding individuals in Mississauga. Every plaque at the Legends Row highlights the achievements, impacts, and contributions of permanent figures who influenced the community.

The Legends Row is open to the public throughout the year. However, note that there are plans to  relocate this area to a permanent location known as Forested Garden, in the Southeast corner of Celebration Square.

The new area will provide adequate space for everyone who wants to learn more about individuals who contributed massively to the community. Moreover, the Forested Garden will include additional  features such as benches, sculptures, foliage, and other exciting elements.

2. Public Art

Many people visit Celebration Square Mississauga to enjoy the public art displays. The book sculpture’s new installation is a joy to watch for many visitors. The book was incorporated into the public art collection in 2014 to characterize the Celebration Square and the neighboring Central Library. The book contains words and symbols that reflect the human body and the origins of writing.

3. The Queen’s Jubilee Garden

The Jubilee Garden is located at the upper Square. The green public space features walking paths, general seating areas, shrubs, shaded trees, and flowering plants. Visitors will relax and enjoy the wonders of nature while at this natural space located at the heart of downtown Mississauga.

4. The Fountain

The Celebration Square has transformed the downtown core of Mississauga into arguably the most attractive, vibrant and diverse area of the city. One of the critical factors leading this transformation is the Fountain, which is open during the summer months. The Fountain hosts weekly events, celebrations, festivals, and more.

5. The Rink

The Ice Rink operates daily, and it’s free for public access. Whether you want to learn ice skating or have fun skating, this Ice rink should be your top destination. 

GRIPBlock is a Cross Laminated Timber block that is lightweight, strong, and renewable. It can be used to construct Ice rinks, walls, restaurant patio walls and now forts! For more information, visit our website at 

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Why You Should Install Separators in the Office

The world is changing, more especially in how we work. The Coronavirus is the primary driving force behind these changes. Most offices closed to contain the spread and companies had to notify their workers to work from home.

However,  due to changes in work dynamics, many companies have recalled their employees back to the office. Enhanced Protocols have  been established to enhance the safety of workers and their families in an office environment.

As they return to their offices, safety remains a key concern. As a result, new products such as office separators are stemming up to help businesses divide spaces in the office for safety reasons.  

GRIPBlock is one such product that effectively makes these office separations or walls and makes them look good. So, why should you install GRIPBlock separators in the office?

1. Easy to install

The GRIPBlock separators give you an easy experience  during installation. The installation process doesn’t require any glue or adhesives to install these separators in the office. Businesses  use LEGO- like block technology to create safety barriers in offices, conference rooms, and other meeting spaces.

Also, it’s easy to install, reconfigure and remove these modern blocks within a few hours. Depending on the business’s needs, these blocks can be deployed anywhere to quickly install new barriers.

2. Available in classy designs

Although the primary goal of separators is to divide the office space and create barriers, they come with a touch of class. They can be used to create squared spaces, cubicle spaces, rectangle dividers or curved and rounded barriers in the office. With social distance requirements now becoming the norm, these traditional barriers can add a sense of style and design to the office.

These modern blocks have created a paradigm shift to how people create barriers and divide spaces to enhance safety in the office. They offer a more creative and innovative approach to adherence towards social distancing at the workplace. Also, if you want to create a beautiful  space indoor or outdoor, these separators can come in handy as well.

3. A more finished and permanent feel

It takes only a few hours to disengage the separators, but it’s interesting to note that these reusable modern blocks offer a permanent feel because of the way they’re constructed. Manufacturers use the GRIPmetal strips to clamp the wood from top to bottom. The resulting woodblock is then interconnected with the one below to form a finished and continuous piece.

Businesses can use these pieces to create barriers in their offices without worrying about dust, ruining their equipment, or affecting workers with allergies.

4. Privacy and minimal distractions

Separators help reduce noise levels, enabling employees to work without getting distracted. They offer a high level of privacy, making it possible to hold meetings professionally and privately. Moreover, employees will feel more secure working within their own spaces.


Workspace Social distancing is the new norm right now. Most businesses have embarked on efficient plans to respond to that measure. That’s why most of them install separators in their offices to create appropriate and safe working spaces. Wether you are looking for separators or simply need a wall in your office, GRIPBlock is the sustainable solution.

If you also want to adhere to workplace social distancing, consider installing these LEGO-like blocks from GripBlock. These blocks are robust, easy to install and come in various attractive designs that enhance any space’s beauty. 

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Using Barriers, Dividers, & Panels for Workplace Social Distancing

The pandemic caused a monumental shift in how the world went to work. For many months or longer in some areas, most if not all in-person office spaces were closed. Remote work has become the new norm. As industries began moving work back into the physical office spaces, new protocols had to be put in place to keep employees and, in turn, their family members at home safe. This is still needed, and new products make it easier and more effective to encourage workplace social distancing. Products like GRIPBlock are helping businesses in every industry create barriers, dividers, and panels to increase office workplace safety.

Strong, Versatile & Environmentally-Friendly

With no glue necessary or adhesives of any kind, these blocks allow businesses to use LEGO blocks technology to create safe spaces for offices, conference rooms, and other social meeting spaces. The modern building blocks can be installed, reconfigured, and removed within hours with white-glove service. Because of their rapid deployment and eco-friendly wall blocks when there are changes in business protocols, you can easily have new barriers or dividers created without committing to a long-term contract or lengthy install. GRIPBlocks can even be rented by month or year.

With no glue necessary or adhesives of any kind, these blocks allow businesses to use LEGO blocks technology to create safe spaces for offices, conference rooms, and other social meeting spaces. The modern building blocks can be installed, reconfigured, and removed within hours with white-glove service. Because of their rapid deployment and eco-friendly wall blocks when there are changes in business protocols, you can easily have new barriers or dividers created without committing to a long-term contract or lengthy install. GRIPBlocks can even be rented by month or year.

Permanent Feel, Rapid Construction

Even though they can be disassembled in a matter of hours, there is nothing temporary feeling about these reusable blocks. The woodblocks and aluminum GRIP Strips clamp the wood from top to bottom, and as each block interlocks with the block below, it becomes one continuous strip and then one connected piece. The rapid construction is also dust-free, adhesive-free, and VOC-free. That means you can use this for panels in your workplace without worrying about any construction dust interfering with equipment, covering work areas, or affecting any employee with allergies or breathing problems. This takes the stress out of construction clean-up as well.

Not Just Simple Boring Walls

Although these blocks can be used to create cubicle spaces and classic square or rectangle dividers, they also can be used to create barriers, partitions, and panels that are curved and rounded, so you can bring a bit of fun and design into the social distancing that has become a part of everyday life in the workplace. GRIPBlocks are changing the world of design and construction in an age that constantly has to evolve and be creative in its goal of safety in the workplace. Whether you are looking to create attractive outdoor or indoor spaces, there are many options.

Likely, the need for workplace social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future as we begin to become more and more accustomed to the measures we must all take to keep ourselves and those around us safe. If you are a business owner or manager who needs to create socially distanced appropriate spaces in your institution, then these LEGO blocks may be just what you are looking for. Durable, easy to have installed, and made of natural materials, GRIPBlock can help you build back your business.