GRIPBlock: Designing The Perfect backyard Ice Rink Spot


For those of us living in the winter frigid highlands of Canada, the desire to get out there on the frozen lake with a puck and some blades is not a foreign one. But with the massive crowds that can build at public parks and city made ice rinks and the unpredictability of lake ice, 

A more convenient (and more fun) way to go is to build your very own backyard ice rink. While there’s plenty of DIY tutorials out there claiming to have the best method, most of them end up falling apart as the materials don’t hold integrity and the installation is just too difficult to muster together. 

Luckily, with GRIPBlock you’ll find the perfect match for backyard ice rink construction that is durable, affordable, and also easy to install. 

GRIPBlock boasts many advanced technological features, but regarding ice rink construction its GRIPMetal™ mechanical attachment makes putting together and taking apart the building blocks an absolute breeze while holding down a firm foundation in all Canada’s rugged terrain. Because GRIPBlock is manufactured using cross laminated timber (CLT) these blocks can withstand and endure the harsh winter conditions that our northern climate normally brings, while being designed as simply as a child’s building brick for custom arrangement and ease of organization.

Professional Installation

Using our websites modules, you can request a custom size for your at-home ice rink and with that information our trusted team of professionals will coordinate the delivery of your rink materials on a day or time of your choosing. Then, the movers will arrive on time in order to assemble the blocks into the rink size of your choosing-adding arena lighting and ensuring every aspect is the rink is level and even. Then, when spring sets in and the sun starts to beat down on the ice, our team will come back out to your location on a day and time of your choosing in order to properly disassemble the materials and promptly take the GRIPBlock off your hands. The staff at GRIPBlock knows how painstaking a process building an at home ice rink on your own can be, and we’re here to make the experience fun and a breeze to coordinate. 

GRIPBlock ice rink builders take every factor of Canadian weather into account when designing this technology. Both lightweight and tough, these blocks are made to endure the extreme icy conditions of the far north here in Canada while also not being overbearing, causing damage to your property’s lawn. We also pride ourselves in caring for the environment by manufacturing GRIPBlock using wholesome wooden materials with no added glues, dyes, or unintelligible materials. Both effective and affordable, GRIPBlock custom builds are the perfect way to create your own ice rink free of the hassle and full of the fun. 

Check  to learn more about How to Rent a Rink.  

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