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GRIPBlock Wall is a Safety Barrier!

Outdoor dining has been brought out to the streets, thanks to CafeTO. This is great for restaurants as they can now seat patrons in the extended space provided by the city. The major concern, however, is the mix of traffic, motorists and unprotected patrons having a meal, all in the same lane. This can be a major safety hazard, which is why GRIPBlock is such a benefit for restaurants and bars of all sizes.

GRIPBlock has helped a variety of restaurants and bars across Canada create safe and sound street and curbside patios that protect diners from the elements—and more.

Last night, our GRIPBlock wall at Toronto’s Bathurst Local sustained a direct impact from a vehicle. Fortunately, this particular patio wasn’t yet open for seating, but if it had been, diners would have been safe and secure, thanks to the strength and protection of GRIPBlock.

The GRIPBlock wall, designed to create a barrier between the restaurant and street, sustained only minor damage and the wall pictured shifted just a few inches. The GRIPBlock crew was able to quickly shift the wall back to its original position.

“We love that GRIPBlock is both a beautiful solution for our on-street patio as well as a safety barrier,” said Anna, Owner of Bathurst Local. “We are near a very busy intersection of Bathurst and Dundas and were very impressed by how well our new GRIPBlock wall handled this impact.”

“Our priority is to make our customers feel safe,” said Angelo Moretti, General Manager at Grazie. “When customers are sitting on one of the busiest streets in North America, they want and need to feel safe and protected. GRIPBlock was the perfect solution for Grazie, providing an attractive, modern look as well as a safety barrier for patrons.”

Bars and restaurants interested in an innovative and secure option for outdoor patron seating can contact GRIPBlock at (416) 627-4632 or for a free estimate on wall rentals. Walls can be set up, relocated and disassembled and reused in a matter of hours with the GRIPBlock white-glove service. Blocks can be rented by the month, season or year, based on your restaurant’s needs and schedule.

About GRIPBlock

GRIPBlock is a revolutionary new mechanically attached CLT block construction technology created by Canadian manufacturing innovator GRIPMetal Inc. GRIPBlock is used to quickly and easily assemble structures to create new spaces without the use of tools or building expertise.

About GRIPMetal Inc.

GRIPMetal is a Canadian innovation firm whose patented metal attachment technologies have been used worldwide for over twenty year in industries ranging from automotive to construction. GRIPMetal is a part of the NUCAP family which also includes NRS Brakes and SpiderTech For further information on GRIPMetal, visit