Solutions for Mass Timber

Large structural wood panels engineered and stacked for
strength and durability used in Schools, Offices, and Condos.

A viable new construction technology for a growing component of the building industry. GRIPBlock™ and Mass Timber are an ideal match for businesses and homes.

GRIPBlock™ is lightweight yet incredibly strong, affordable and long-lasting, flexible and durable.

This relatively new Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) block is enhanced with state-of-the-art GRIPMetal technology that makes it faster and easier to build new structures. GRIPMetal™ has been used globally to enhance grip and safety in the automotive industry for more than two decades.

Mass Timber Matters

Fire resistant. Lower carbon footprint. Stronger than strong. Mass timber outperforms other materials when it comes to durability, sustainability and flexibility. It helps builders create higher, larger and stable structures without the need for steel or concrete. Adding to this list of benefits, mass timber is efficient and easy to build with, allowing for faster construction to support businesses of all sizes.

Popular in Europe for decades, it continues to make its way to construction sites around the globe.

GRIPBlock™ offers a modern building material
for the latest global revolution in building – Mass Timber.

The ideal foundation for mass timber construction projects, GRIPBlock structures can be prefabricated and shipped to sites, reducing construction time and costs, while significantly improving safety. No heavy machinery required: Using your hands, you can construct large LEGO-like structures in a matter of hours or days.

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