GRIPBlock™ honeycomb system is lightweight and extremely strong.

GRIPBlock™ industrial mats are the ideal alternative to traditional mats. The block “Honeycomb system” is lightweight and extremely strong, GRIPBlock™ mats require less equipment to move and install and can be used on any surface – even mud, swamp and water. They’re ideal for virtually any matting application including pipelines, construction, transmission lines, well-sites and environmental remediation. 

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Available to Rent or Buy – Installed within hours with little equipment 

GRIPBlock™ mats lock together, using our patented mechanical attachment – a velcro-like metal surface that firmly grips each module in place. Now small crews can lay mats up to two times faster, without the need for heavy equipment.

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See how easy it is to install truck/crane mats with GRIPBlock™

GRIPBlock™ Mats can be Installed in just hours – even in swamps and rough terrain.

GRIPBlock™ Crane Mats offer advantages over existing solutions…
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GRIPBlock™ Mat Features 

  • Various sizes available for purchase or rent
  • Cable options available
  • ¾” high tensile industrial cable with high strength crimp connectors
  • Solid, durable and compression-resistant
  • 4’ x 20′ mat – 600,000 lb load capacity

GRIPBlock™ Mat Applications 

  • Crane pads and swamp pads
  • Power line tower assembly
  • Pipeline construction
  • Mining “roads” for 200 ton trucks
  • Wind farm construction
  • Bridge repair and construction
  • Heavy duty access roads
  • Structure foundations
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GRIPBlock™ Mat Advantages 

Our crane mats are solid and compression-resistant to withstand the harshest weather conditions and terrain along with the heaviest equipment. GRIPBlock mats are a great choice for a flat, durable and safe work surface.

GRIPBlock™ timber mats provide a fully-integrated matting solution by offering rental and purchase options for new and used mats along with first-rate service. We handle the coordination of all project logistics and have the flexibility to meet any project need.

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