Helping restaurant owners and managers stay in business
and serve customers outside year-round.

GRIPBlock™ makes it easy to create safe, warm and effective outdoor structures for restaurants and bars of all sizes and locations. With LEGO-like building blocks, GRIPBlock™ walls are strong and solid, keeping diners warm and supporting restaurants in all weather conditions.

These modern, environmentally-friendly blocks offer a revolutionary way to help restaurants create social distances and walls of warmth during unprecedented times.

With varying restrictions on indoor dining, GRIPBlock™ exponentially extends the outdoor dining season to support revenue and safety.

Restaurant owners can rent GRIPBlock™ by the month or season, and our white-glove service ensures set-up, maintenance and removal in a matter of hours.

GRIPBlock™ looks to help
everywhere with
weatherproofed building blocks.

Customers can now sit comfortably outside at a safe social distance, without the fear of wind nipping at their faces. No longer will patrons have to worry about choosing between a nice cold beer or forced to have a cold seat outside.

GRIPBlock has got you covered with its sheltering capabilities.

Restaurants across Toronto are transforming their patios in just a matter of hours into safe seating area for their patrons.


Match GRIPBlock to your BIA’s aesthetics with customizable features like:

Carved Wall


Laminated Panel


Accent lightimg


Windows Stairs

& Stairs

Flower Bed


Tents Awning

Tents or

Now with Over 100+ Restaurants and other establishments ready
to open with CaféTO Approved GRIPBlock installations

Our first GRIPBlock™
project with a CURVED wall.

ORETTA on King keeps its patrons warm with walls to protect your customers from wind with 100% Canadian, all natural wooden walls built (in a couple of hours!!).

Let's beat COVID and keep Toronto

restaurants open

Not only is GRIPBlock™ is a safe space for
social distancing but is a Safety Barrier for traffic as well.

GRIPBlock provides a safety barrier between traffic and patio diners, GRIPBlock walls absorb impact and move as one piece. No foundation is required, and they can be installed within hours.

GRIPBlock has helped a variety of restaurants and bars across Canada create safe and sound street and curbside patios that protect diners from the elements—and more. In several cases of impact, GRIPBlock walls have stood the test.

Bathurst Local, 322 Bathurst St. Toronto

The GRIPBlock wall at Toronto’s Bathurst Local survives a direct impact
from a vehicle.

The GRIPBlock wall at Toronto’s Bathurst Local recently sustained direct impact from a vehicle. Fortunately, this particular patio wasn’t yet open for seating, but if it had been, diners would have been safe and secure, thanks to the strength and protection of GRIPBlock.

The wall, designed to create a barrier between the restaurant and street, sustained only minor damage and the wall pictured shifted just a few inches. The GRIPBlock crew was able to quickly move the wall back to its original position.

Bathurst Local, 322 Bathurst St. Toronto

The GRIPBlock wall at Toronto’s Bathurst Local survives a direct impact
from a vehicle.

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