From hockey to broomball and from ice skating to roller skating, rinks make for instant fun and adventure.

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Strong and durable to go the distance

Able to withstand impact, reinforced GRIPBlock rinks are strong enough to absorb impact from hockey games and other high-intensity activities. Even better, no foundation is required for your rink – it won’t destroy your grass or backyard.

Our rinks are constructed from GRIPBlock Innovative GRIPBlocks create custom rinks designed to withstand the elements.

Take care of the environment

No adhesives. No glues. No hard-to-pronounce materials to worry about. Just natural, sustainable wooden blocks and aluminum grip strips that create equally safe and strong rinks.

Easy to install

Blocks interlock with each other for easy installation and updates and an incredibly strong structure with zero foundation required.

Custom sizes

Whether you want a traditional National Hockey League-sized rink at 85 by 200 feet or something custom, GRIPBlock rinks come in a variety of sizes with extensive options for customization.

Rent for the season

If you want a flexible option for your rink, GRIPBlock can be rented per linear foot per month, giving you the option to shift from season to season. Pricing includes installation and removal.

Designed for instant enjoyment and year-round activity, GRIPBlock rinks are attractive and ideal for a wide range of fun and games. Contact us today to learn more about installing or renting a GRIPBlock rink.

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All rinks are 3.5” high. Custom heights available on request

Get an estimate and get your rink started!

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All rinks are 3.5” high. Custom heights available on request

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