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Helping educational institutions to maintain
social distancing and continue operations safely.

As schools across the globe struggle to stay open, GRIPBlock™ offers an A+ solution for educational institutions: Socially distanced structures that help keep classes in session.

Superintendents and principals are turning to GRIPBlock’s LEGO-like technology to create safe spaces for learning during the pandemic. These modern building blocks are easy to assemble and strong, allowing schools to easily partition classrooms and gyms to ensure proper distancing and student safety.

GRIPBlock is strong, versatile and environmentally-friendly, with no adhesives or glues that can cause allergic reactions.

Even better, GRIPBlock can be installed, updated and removed in a matter of hours, with our white-glove service. Schools can purchase or rent GRIPBlocks by the month or year to keep their students at the head of the class.

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GRIPBlock™ Is already installed at Kingsway College, Royal St. George’s College, St. John’s Kilmarnock School, and at Toronto Montessori Schools.

Etobicoke’s Kingsway College School needed a fast and affordable solution to create additional, socially-distance class spaces for a safe return to school. They chose GRIPBlock™ for its rapid deployment, strength, affordability and GRIP’s white-glove service that covers setup, maintenance and removal.

In a matter of hours, 1 gym was converted into 5 classrooms to limit class sizes to 15 students with 6 feet of social distance. GRIPBlock allows schools, businesses and individuals to think outside the box and, in this case, support safe, smart education.

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GRIPBlock™ makes it easy to create temporary walls and enclosure for social distancing that have the strength and feel of permanent structures.

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Our GRIPBlock™ is constructed from 100% renewable and recyclable resources, making them safe for you and the Environment.

GRIPBlock™ is excellent for rapid construction and because they are dust free, adhesive free, and contain no VOCS, it makes them the prefect solution for classroom settings.

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