Solutions for Transportation

From the busiest highway to the quiet of your neighborhood,
GRIPBlock™ delivers safe and sound noise barriers.

GRIPBlock™ - The safer and quieter transportation solution

You can enhance safety and reduce noise pollution with GRIPBlock’s custom transportation solutions.

Highway walls and barriers made with GRIPBlock’s revolutionary technology can block highway and street noise while creating a safety barrier between traffic and people.

Tough enough to withstand

wind, rain, sleet and snow

With a shear strength of more than 3,000 psi, GRIPBlock is strong and durable to withstand the elements for highway walls and transportation barriers.

Even better, GRIPBlocks are

virtually maintenance-free.

Build Back Better:
GRIPBlock on the Highway
to Safety and Sustainability

See how GRIPBlock can make you safe and protected

State-of-the-art technology supports both temporary and permanent structures

State-of-the-art technology supports both temporary and permanent structures

Strong and easy to assemble, GRIPBlock makes it faster than ever to build both temporary and permanent transportation structures with our patented GRIPMetal construction technology. You can travel in style with the modern innovation of GRIPBlock for transportation.

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