The NEW way to construct strong-lightweight structures.

GRIPBlock is a new Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) block that boasts all the benefits of traditional CLT – lightweight, strength, renewability – enhanced with GRIPMetal’s patented mechanical attachment technology that makes it faster and easier to build structures than ever before.

CLT is emerging as a viable new construction technology for housing and shelters, proven effective even in multi-story buildings normally constructed from concrete and steel. GRIPBlock is the strongest, most durable CLT on the market.

GRIPBlock is the perfect foundation for mass timber construction projects and temporary structures alike. Because of its lightweight and strength GRIPBlock structures can be prefabricated and shipped to site, reducing construction time and costs, and greatly improving safety.

The GRIPBlock combines a proven mechanical attachment technology – GRIPMetal has been used globally to enhance grip and safety in the automotive industry for over twenty years – with one of the building industries fastest growing construction advancements.

GRIPBlock Combines the Best Attributes of
Modern Building Materials, in a New, Revolutionary Way

GRIPBlock™ shares characteristics similar with CLT and Concrete, combined into a single block that can be placed precisely like a building brick.

GRIPBlock™ building blocks offer fast, strong,
yet light-weight building solutions

Super Tough
& Super Strong

With bonding strength of over 2000lbs and the impact resistance of 16-Tons, GRIPBlock™ can withstand any environment.


No pre-preparation needed, with no dust, no grinding, and no curing time.


GRIPBlock™ does not use any adhesives, or VOCs. It is also Recyclable.

GRIPBlock™ The NEW revolutionary way to build

A New Way to Connect and Reinforce Wood With Metal

Blocks are connected to create incredibly strong light CLT panel

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Structures get stronger over time simply through forces of gravity

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Rental options available for assembled structures. For more information contact Mark Lavelle, Global Sales Director
(416) 627-4632.