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The Bentway Moves with Joy Thanks to GRIPBlock

The Bentway, an innovative public space project that lies beneath Toronto’s major lakefront express way, plays host to year-round events, activities, art and inspiration for all. This December it welcomes a new art installation in the center of its famous figure-eight skating path, and thanks to GRIPBlock the installation will be safe and sound, and skaters will have a little something extra to hold onto as they make their way around the path.

The installation, “Moving with Joy” by Inuvialuk artist Maureen Gruben, features seven large-scale, richly coloured sculptural sleds as well as video footage and photographs captured from Gruben’s ice fishing camp. The GRIPBlock barrier wall, designed to protect the lit-up installation, was built around one of the seven large-scale sleds. The GRIPBlock barrier forms a custom curved design that follows the shape of the ice path.

At over 70-foot-long, the GRIPBlock barrier is comprised of 260 blocks and will be up until March 2022 when the Bentway ice skating path transitions into something new for the next season. Like the Bentway space itself, the blocks will be repurposed once the installation’s run is complete.

Every GRIPBlock barrier is built from renewable and reusable blocks that can be disassembled and rebuilt into new structures. Made only from natural materials, wood and aluminum, GRIPBlocks can be stacked like Lego bricks making it fast and easy to build any structure with minimal experience and zero foundation required.

About GRIPBlock

GRIPBlock is a Canadian company based in Toronto and is part of the NUCAP family of technology companies that includes NRS Brakes, NUCAP Energy and GRIPMetal.

As part of its commitment to Build Back Better, GRIPBlock has constructed dozens of social distancing structures for schools, outdoor rinks for communities, and over 150 outdoor patios as part of Toronto’s COVID-safe outdoor dining program, CaféTO. GRIPBlock offers a white-glove service that includes set up, maintenance and removal for organizations interested in creating customized indoor and outdoor structures.