GRIPBlock™ Solutions The NEW mechanically attached CLT block construction technology.

These state-of-the-art building blocks are being successfully used across the country.

GRIPBlock™ building blocks offer fast,
strong, yet light-weight building solutions

GRIPBlock is perfect for a variety of projects and structures. We’ve deployed GRIPBlock solutions to help keep schools open, save restaurants needing social distancing and support large scale building projects. See what GRIPBlock can do for you.

Solutions for Schools

Create new spaces and implement social distancing. GRIP’s white glove service means new walls in one to two days plus easy disassembly and removal.

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Solutions for Restaurants

Stay open this winter and beyond. Keep patrons warm and dry with GRIPBlock, the only solution that retains warmth and blocks wind with the natural beauty of locally sourced Canadian timber.

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Mass Timber Solutions

Wood (yes, wood) is the construction technology of the future. See how CLT is transforming the building industry and how GRIPBlock is playing a central role – it’s the strongest, lightest and most affordable CLT on the market.

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GRIPBlock™ The NEW revolutionary way to build
See how easy in short time to completely change
your environment

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GRIPBlock comes in various shapes and sizes
to customize any structure.