GRIPBlock™ building blocks offer fast,
strong, yet easy to assemble
building solutions

GRIPBlock™ building blocks offer fast,
strong, and easy to assemble
building solutions


Enjoy seating boxes located at Rendezviews East as well as installations throughout the site including art by @shalakattack.

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Stay open this winter and beyond. Keep patrons warm and dry with GRIPBlock, the only solution that retains warmth and blocks wind with the natural beauty of locally sourced Canadian timber.

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Create new spaces and implement social distancing. GRIPBlock’s white glove service means new walls in one to two days, plus easy disassembly and removal.

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GRIPBlock may be the most versatile construction material available for innovative military applications. Applications include defense, infrastructure and temporary construction.

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GRIPBlock’s ease of transportation and rapid deployment, make it ideal for a variety of infrastructure projects including highway and road side barriers. Its durability means it's safe and reliable while also 100% reusable and renewable.

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GRIPBlock barriers and walls are assembled in hours with zero foundation required. They are easy to deploy, remove and reuse with little to no building or construction experience required. Use GRIPBlock and create new spaces, and to expand or reinforce existing structures.

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For privacy walls, retaining walls, barriers or temporary structures, GRIPBlock provides the ideal, affordable solution for home and property owners. GRIPBlock requires no foundation making it a fast and practical alternative.

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GRIPBlock rinks are great for community centers, parks and even your own backyard! Made with modern, innovative building materials, they can be square, circle or a traditional hockey oval shape, depending on your needs and space requirements. .

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GRIPBlock™ industrial mats are the ideal alternative to traditional mats. Lightweight yet extremely strong, GRIPBlock™ mats require less equipment to move and install and can be used on any surface - even mud, swamp and water.

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Use GRIPBlock™ to create an immersive event space. Whether you need a custom structure or an alternative to event furniture/decor, GRIPBlock™ has you covered. We provide alternatives to tents, booths, stages, benches, mazes, and walls.

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The Ultimate Building Solution

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Super Tough
Super Strong

With a bonding strength of over
2000lbs and the impact resistance of 16-Tons, GRIPBlock™ can withstand any environment.

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GRIPBlock does not use any Paint, Adhesives or VOCs. It can be made temporary, reused,
and even recycled

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The Ease
of Assembly

Because GRIPBlock assembles like LEGO, only the simplest tools are required for installation, resulting in a full install within hours.

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Any Size
Any Shape

Construction solutions are almost limitless. GRIPBlock can be made into stairs, retaining walls, and even curved structures. There is no limit.

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